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November 18, 2009

We showed Pierre Prevost's drawings at a show at YA Architecture in NE Minneapolis. I showed a 15 minute excerpt from "Artist in the Margin" at the show.

September, 2009

I just learned that I've received a film production grant from the Jerome Foundation.  The grant will fund my film project called "Artist in the Margin" ("Menaginary"). The film tells the story of Pierre Prevost, a French artist who pursues his unique art at the edges of his society. 

I'm very excited about this grant as it will allow me to travel to France next year to work on sound design for the film and capture additional visuals. It will also help fund post production and editing on the film.

Thanks so much to the wonderful Jerome Foundation!!!

September, 2009

Lightshed's new documentary, "Democrats at War - Mondale reflects on 1968," will be shown at the Minnesota History Center on Sunday, September 27.  The ten minute short film was produced as part of the History Center's "1968" film competition.

July, 2009

"She Who Would Giants Fight" - The Life and Legacy of Justice Rosalie Wahl

This July,2009, Lightshed Productions, LLC (www.lightshedproductions.com) is beginning its fundraising efforts for our feature-length documentary on Justice Rosalie Wahl.

"She Who Would Giants Fight" is the story of a great woman, Justice Rosalie Wahl, and of a great movement – the Minnesota women’s movement of the 1970s. The film will tell how Rosalie Wahl overcame tragedies in her own life to fight for civil rights, women’s rights and equal access to justice.

The film will also tell how, through the efforts of many dedicated individuals, the women’s movement accomplished one its most important goals – having a woman appointed to the highest court in the state.  This one event changed forever Minnesota’s judicial system and opened the door to expanded opportunities for women in our state.

Produced by Lightshed Productions – Emily Haddad and John Kaul www.lightshedproductions.com



If you want information on any of the upcoming events please email me at: emilyehaddad@gmail.com


May, 2009

Nadia Haddad Interior Design

Just needed to brag about my daughter, Nadia Haddad.  She's a fantastic designer who has been working for a year and a half on some challenging and amazing design projects for Commune in Los Angeles.  She has just formed her own business.  Above is her business card.  You can go to her blog at: http://palmtreesandapplesauce. blogspot.com/    She will soon also have a website.  Contact her for all of your design needs.  I know that you will love the spaces she creates!!!


"Art on a Line" art show and painting demonstration:

I am doing a painting demonstration and showing my art at the State Fairgrounds Fine Art building May 14 through May 16. My demonstration will take place on Friday, the 15th at 11:00am.  Stop by and say "hello". You can see some of my most recent paintings at the show.




Creating "The Egg Timer" my short film.

From January through May, 2009 I've been working full time on pre-production, production and post-production of my short film, "The Egg Timer."  This is the screenplay and film for which I received the "Freshfilmmaker" grant from IFP-Minnesota.  It's been a wonderful, amazing experience and I have learned a tremendous amount.  I have had a fantastic cast and crew -- all volunteers -- who have helped me realize my dream of making this film.

At this time (early May) I am working at Splice Here, the post production company, to finalize the edit and then finish the film in time for a preview showing in July.

To find out more about the process of creating "The Egg Timer" you can read my blog at: http://freshfilmmaker.blogspot.com/

I'll also post some production stills in the near future.

Brule River, Wisconsin

Lake Harriet Rose Garden

Lake Harriet Rock Garden

San Gennaro, Italy 2008

Above are paintings done during the past three months.  They will show at the Stillwater Art Crawl (see below) and the Art on a Line show in May, 2009 (see above).

February, 2009:

Stillwater Art Crawl -- February 13, 2009

On Friday, February 13, 2009 Stillwater will be hosting another Art Crawl.  My studio on the third floor of the Staples Mill Building (north end of Main Street) will be open between 4pm and 9pm.  Please stop by to see my new paintings.

November, 2008

"Doing Minnesota Justice" Documentary

In November, 2008 I completed a 25 minute historical documentary film called "Doing Minnesota Justice."  The film was produced by Lightshed Productions for the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and was shown, to great success, at the 25th anniversary banquet celebrating the formation of the court.

September, 2008

Class of '41 wins Best of Fest!!!


In September, 2008 "Class of '41" won BEST of FEST at the Illinois International Film Festival!  It was an honor to have my historical documentary film chosen for the top prize of the festival.

I win the Freshfilmmaker Grant!!!

In September, 2008 I won the Freshfilmmaker Grant from IFP-Minneapolis.  This grant will allow me to produce and direct my short narrative script, "The Egg Timer."  I have dreamed of making this film for several years and appreciate this opportunity from IFP and the Twin Cities film community to allow me to do so. To learn more, go to the link below:


Pierre Prevost Film

In October, 2008 I returned from a 3-week trip to southern France where I shot 17 hours of film for a documentary on a wonderful and unique artist, Pierre Prevost, who lives north of Toulouse.  


In painting:

In October, 2008 I returned from a 3-week trip to Italy where I worked on six new paintings and gathered photos and inspiration for many more paintings in the future.

July, 2008 - I just opened a new art studio in downtown Stillwater.  It's located at the north end of Main Street in the Staples Sawmill Building on the 3rd floor. I plan on using it for painting and showing some of my art. Stop by if you get to Stillwater!

July 11, 2008 -- I will be showing my art in the Northern Vineyards Winery during the Stillwater Art Crawl.  It's on the right side of the street toward the north end of town.  Stop by and see me. (I sold two paintings during this show)

April, 2008 - I've completed a couple of paintings from the Gateway Trail which runs through Stillwater Township, as well as a painting of Stillwater itself from Pioneer Park:

Gateway Trail V     16X20

Stillwater from Pioneer Park 20X21

Gateway Trail IV  11X14

March, 2008 - I just returned from six fantastic weeks painting in Oracle, Arizona.  I will be participating in two shows next year, March, 2009, in Oracle where I will be exhibiting all of the unsold paintings I have from the past three trips to Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.  You can see some of these paintings on the painting web page under "Southwest."

October, 2007 - January, 2008 - My daughter, Nadia, and I went to Los Angeles in October, 2007.   I intended to meet some of my film contacts and market my screenplays and films.  Unfortunately, a week after we arrived in L.A., the WGA writers' strike was called.  I did not want to be a scab by marketing my writing during a strike, so I spent the next three months in the city doing some independent writing, making a short documentary about Nadia's and my time together in Los Angeles ("The City by the Sea"), and painting. 

Delilah's of Echo Park

Nadia in Silver Lake


September, 2008 - I will be spending three weeks in Petrognano, Italy where I will be painting the landscape of Tuscany.  I will put my paintings up on this website when I return. I plan to participate in one or more art fairs in the Twin Cities next spring to show these and other paintings.

In film:

October, 2007 - January, 2008 - Made a short documentary film, "City by the Sea." (See above)

March, 2008 - "Rising - Portrait of an Artist" was shown as an Official Selection on March 5, 2008 at the Fargo Film Festival.

While I was in Oracle I began to film a documentary about the artists of Oracle and the Linda Vista Ranch.

September, 2008   "Class of '41" plays at the Illinois International Film Festival in St. Charles, IL.

October, 2008 - after I leave Tuscany, I will be traveling to Southern France with my film equipment. There I will film footage for a documentary about Pierre Prevost, Sculptor and artist.  This film and the Oracle film are part of a series of films (with "Rising") which will deal with the artist in our world.

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