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I've always loved to watch movies.  

But it took a long time for me to discover that I wanted to MAKE movies. It all started in 1996 when my son and I were in the middle of a movie-watching marathon. We were watching our third movie when my son turned to me and said, "Mom, you could write better screenplays than these."

I began writing feature-length narrative screenplays - the Hollywood type. I took classes at the University of Minnesota and UCLA (on-line). I had some success in screenwriting contests.  And I came close to selling a screenplay to Universal Studios.  But, after several years, I wanted more.  I wanted to make the movies that I was imagining.

So, I applied to film school, and spent 2 1/2 years learning the craft of filmmaking, earning degrees in both film and screenwriting.

Now I've been able to create my own films, from beginning to end....and I love it!!!

Screenplays Click here to see a description of my screenplays.

Film Resume Click here to see my film resume.

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Narrative Films

The Egg Timer (2009)

Waiting for Jenny (2005)
(Student Film)

"Official Selection"

Tara's Party (2004)
(Student Film)

"Official Selection"


Documentary Films

Artist in the Margin (2011)
(Click picture to see 1 minute trailer)

Class of '41 (2008)

"Best of Fest"

Rising (2007)

"Official Selection"

Be the Peace (2003)
(Student Film)

Lightshed Documentaries