Emily Haddad

Visual Artist

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Feature Length Narrative Screenplays:

"Dangerous Promise" (suspense-drama) Treatment

"Law Officer" (112 pages - drama) - A Chicago cop becomes a lawyer to seek justice from the insurance giant that refused treatment of his wife.

    * Selected for the 2006 Annual IFP Market in New York City

    * Finalist for the 2006 McKnight Screenwriting Fellowship

    * Winner of the University of California-Riverside 2003 feature length screenwriting competition

"Cliffwalk" (108 pages - suspense/thriller) (co-writer) - A killer stalks a young lawyer recently separated from her unfaithful husband.

    * Semi-finalist in the feature-length screenplay competition of the 1999 Morrow Screenwriting Fellowship

"Truthteller" (107 pages - suspense/drama) A history professor tracks Ojibwe legends, risking first his career, then his life, to solve a 140-year-old murder and protect wilderness land.

"Untitled" (102 pages - action adventure) - Feature-length screenplay written for hire, (confidentiality agreement in place).

Short Screenplays:

"The Egg-Timer" (10 pages, drama) - A medical researcher who has just discovered the cure for a fatal disease journeys to her childhood home to come to terms with a secret from her past.

    * Winner of 2008 Freshfilmmaker Grant from IFP Minnesota.

"The Colton Account" (12 pages, comedy) - A cocky account executive encounters resistance to his sales technique. 

    * Winner in the shorts competition of the Morrow Screenwriting Fellowship

"Waiting for Jenny" (8 pages) - A cop walking his beat tries to help a befuddled old woman.

Documentary Screenplays:

"She Who Would Giants Fight" (a feature-length documentary script in progress) The story of the life and legacy of Rosalie Wahl, first woman appointed to the Minnesota Supreme Court

"Doing Minnesota Justice" - A documentary screenplay about the formation of the Minnesota Court of Appeals

"Class of '41" - A documentary screenplay about four young people and their lives during the war years 1939 - 1946.

"Traffic Jam - A Citizen's Journey" - A documentary script about MetroTwin Cities transportation issues - 30 pages.

"One State, One Future, Minnesota's Transportation Challenge" - A documentary about Minnesota's transportation issues - 27 pages

"Once Upon a Schoolhouse" - A documentary script exploring the role of public education in Minnesota's past, present and future - 30 pages.

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