Emily Haddad

Visual Artist

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Below are paintings that are available for sale. All of the paintings are acrylic on canvas or paper. The price depends primarily on size. Currently the prices range from $300 to $1000.  Contact me via e-mail if you would like to see any of these paintings in my gallery in Stillwater.


Gateway Trail V  16X20

Stillwater 20X21

Nadia in Silver Lake 20X20

Gateway Trail IV    11X14

Gateway Trail VI 16X20

Pinepoint Park  30X36

Container Garden 10X17

Irish Tree 20X24 Muckross Abbey 22X28

Garinish Island  20X24 Catalina River 16X20

Linda Vista Oak  Windy Ridge Trail, Oracle

Stagecoach Road Saquaro Sunset 16X20

Agua Fria Canyon 16X20 Moon over Oracle

  Magdalena da Kino, Sonora
Brule River, Wisconsin Lake Harriet Rose Garden
Lake Harriet Rock Garden San Gennaro, Italy 2008

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